Shipping Agent 

Special service to Koror and Yap
From Surabaya/Semarang Ports via Hongkong

With weekly service by Eurasia Pacific Lines
serving Hong Kong, Kaohsiung (Taiwan) and Davao (Philippines),
we can assure you that all yours Asian cargo needs are fully satisfied.

Through our ever-growing network, we are now able to serve your
USA cargo via Guam.

By bringing these additional services to you,
Eurasia is committed to provide more coverage and reliable services.

Please call us, to below us for freight and other inquiries :

Surabaya : 62.31.3293898 | Fax : 62.31. 3295189
Email : (customer service)

Semarang : 62.24.3558459 | Fax : 62.24. 3586559
Email :

Office Jl. Perak Barat no. 203, Surabaya-East Java-Indonesia
Phone 62-31 3293898 (hunting) Fax 62-31 3295189
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