Shipping Agent 

Special service to Saipan and Guam
From Surabaya/Semarang Ports via Hongkong

As a mayor hub in the global supply chain, Hong Kong serves
as a point of convergence for the many ships around the world.
And we at Mariana Express Lines are at the center of it all.
From Hong Kong, our fleets calls at the growing port of Kaohsiung
in Taiwan, to the islands of Saipan and Guam in the Micronesia region.

We have a weekly call in Davao to provide the best service for you
to supply fresh fruits to your customers.

Years of plying these routes have given us strong local knowledge
concerning the various ports.

We server to East Malaysia ports :

- Kota Kinabalu
- Kuching
- Sibu
- Bintulu
- Muara
- Tawau
- Sandakan


Please call us, to below us for freight and other inquiries :

Surabaya : 62.31.3293898 | Fax : 62.31. 3295189
Email : (customer service)

Semarang : 62.24.
3558459 | Fax : 62.24. 3586559
Email :

Office Jl. Perak Barat no. 203, Surabaya-East Java-Indonesia
Phone 62-31 3293898 (hunting) Fax 62-31 3295189
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